About Laser League


Laser League makes Laser racing available to anyone. Laser League is supported by a score submission software, independent from the class, managed by LaserPerformance. You can now compete against sailors around the world, from the comfort of your own club.

The time commitment and cost of travel can prevent sailors from competing in larger regattas. By removing financial and travel limitations, Laser League gives every Laser sailor the opportunity to participate in events, creating a greater level of competition and encouraging new sailors to start racing.

Because Laser League is an independent series, sailors can use any Laser Race, Club Laser, or ARC Laser produced by LaserPerformance, in addition to any class approved boat, keeping racing truly One Design. Whether you own a new boat or borrow a well-loved Laser from your local club, all sailors are encouraged to join and be a part of this exciting initiative.

The Laser's story began with a phone call between Canadians Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce, it was originally named the "Weekender" with the prototype sail branded with the letters TGIF for "Thank God It's Friday".

Unveiled at the New York Boat Show in 1971, the Laser soon became very popular. The first world championship was then held three years later in Bermuda and the sailors for this championship came from 24 countries. The large variety of sailors was partially because of Laser's low cost which allowed the dinghy to be more accessible within the less developed countries around the world.

The Laser became part of the selection of boats for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, with Robert Scheidt from Brazil winning the gold medal in the event. The Laser Radial then made its Olympic debut in 2008, giving women the opportunity to compete. In addition to the Laser full rig and the Laser Radial, the Laser 4.7 allows young sailors to transition to the more competitive world of Laser of sailing, while still providing many racing opportunities around the world.

The Laser has the widest variety of nations competing out of any dinghy. With over 200,000 Lasers sold on 5 continents, everyone gets an equal chance at being one of the best sailors in the world.


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Why Participate?

Take part in global races and be ranked amongst sailors from around the world without the time commitment and financial burden of travel. Allows an opportunity to involve your community by encouraging sign up from sailors who would not ordinarily actively participate in racing. Never miss a race by sailing in races that are the most convenient for you.
The top female and male sailors from each country will then be invited to attend the LaserPerformance United World Open for a chance to be crowned the LaserPerformance World Champions. Utilize exclusive content only available to Laser League members. Discover useful information to help run your events and learn new ways to get the best out of your clubs Laser Fleet in the reimagined Activate Program. You can use any Laser Race, Club Laser, ARC Laser, Laser 4.7 or Laser Radial produced by LaserPerformance, in addition to any class approved boat, keeping racing truly One Design.