Event Info and Entry

Entry Requirements

  1. All competing boats must either be under sail number 217250 or have a “The Laser Class” plaque in a rear of the cockpit.
  2. All boats and boats equipment must comply with “The Laser Class” rules with the exemption of requiring all boat to have a “The Laser Class” Plaque. Refer to Requirement 1.
  3. All competitors must have registered as part of the LaserLeague. REGISTER HERE
  4. Any race that is being entered for LaserLeague results must have average base wind speed in knots recorded and the distance of the entire race. (lap distance * laps completed)
  5. No pursuit style of racing can be used unless all boats are finished via a set finish line at the end of the lap. However, fleet and handicap style racing is accepted.
  6. The races do not have to only include Lasers (of any rig) they can include any boat but only Lasers can be submitted into the results.

Entry Form

  1. Download the excel file found below.
  2. Fill in all fields per competitor. You may enter multiple competitors on the document. (1 Club per File)
  3. Save the file to an accessible location on your computer.
  4. Open send form found below.
  5. Attach file to email.
  6. SEND email.

Excel File download

Download Form

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Email: info@thelaserleague.com

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