Hosting Laser League Event

Because Laser League events are accessible to all sailing levels and eliminate the financial and travel limitations of competition, more sailors can participate, giving your club a great opportunity to host larger events! Having these large events can be an opportunity to raise money for your club, a cause you care about, or just promote and attract new members to your club!

Here is how you set up and event:

  1. Assign one person to be the event organizer. The event organizer will be the central contact for the race committee, the sailors, and the venue.
  2. Assemble a race committee. The race committee is in charge of the managing the races, scoring the races, and making sure everyone stays safe.
  3. Involve your club and the community. The Laser League welcomes all sailors to participate, advertise that your club will be hosting a Laser League event as well as encouraging participation in sailing. If you are supporting a cause, promote what you are raising funds for.
  4. Have every sailor register on the Laser League website. Once a sailor is registered, they will be able to submit their scores after racing.
  5. Submit results. After racing, make sure that everyone has submitted the correct results into
  6. Celebrate the event! Let everyone know about your club’s involvement and celebrate the sailors who competed.
  7. Share with the Laser League. Tag the Laser League in social media so we can celebrate your event too! You can also give your regatta report here, so that other members of the Laser League can read about your event.