How Scoring Works


To get involved in Laser League, submit scores earned from a race at your local club to the Laser League website. Your racing results are then analyzed by Sailwave, accounting for the varying wind strengths you find at locations across the globe, where sailors sail through wind indexed ratings. These variables, as well as course length, increase accuracy when ranking sailors worldwide.

How to get started:

  • Sign up for the event at and confirm that you will follow the rules outlined on the website

  • Participate in a local race within the given time frame of the Laser League event. You can calculate the course length using sites such as

  • After your local race, submit your final scores on the “Submit Results” page of the website

  • The Laser League will then rank you in your category (by type of boat, territory, age, & gender)

  • Share your story and news on the Laser League website!


What is Sailwave?

Sailwave is a popular, fully featured, easy-to-use, multi-lingual, sailing results/scoring application for Windows – running on other platforms via Windows emulation software. Sailwave is used in all levels of both dinghy and yacht racing, from club regattas to international championships. To learn more about Sailwave click here.